Making Bread

To make bread, there is only one universal formula.
(formula!? yes, don't laugh, this is for the interested people here trying to make serious bread) It is as follows:

  • 1 kg of strong white flour  
  • 20 grams salt 
  • 20 grams of fresh yeast.  
  • about 600 ml of liquid, although this amount varies depending on the quality and simply the type of the flour to be used.  
  • any added flavour to the mixture should be about 20 percent of the whole mix. Sometimes I like to add a bit more for extra texture and heavier flavour but never more than 30 percent or the mix will be too heavy and the dough will not rise well or bake well either.
 Sounds so very simple!!

The amount of salt should never be changed but the yeast can be added to. For example if it is too cold in your kitchen you can add more yeast to speed up the process of rising or proofing the dough if you are under the pressure of time, if not simply let it rise peacefully and the result will be much better and natural. 

Good luck in you baking. If you have any questions or requests 

please don't hesitate to ask 

image of a bread covered in poppy seeds


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