Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lemon Buttercream Cakes

They are light and summery. They are delightfully tangy and lemony. 
They are pretty and lovely to look at....

What more do you need, come and get one right now!!!!  

pretty lemon buttercream cake

pink and yellow Lemon Butter Cream Cake

lemon butter cream cake with pretty  yellow flowers

lemon butter cream cake with colourful sprinkles and white daisies

lemon butter cream cake with pink butterflies for decoration and little pink flowers

                 lemon buttercream cake with sprinkles and pink butterflies lemon butter cream cake with scary Halloween pumpkin for decoration  

lemon buttercream cakes with pretty flowers and bunnies for Easter

lemon buttercream cake for a birthday

communion lemon buttercream cake

lemon buttercream cake with the sign 'Happy Birthday Mum"

Thanks for being here

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