Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Giant Cupcake

Doing the same thing over  and over again and being very good at it is one thing.

Broadening your horizons, trying new stuff, learning new techniques and recipes quite another. 

But honestly there is nothing more exciting than that. 

I love experimenting and making new recipes, learning new tricks in the kitchen. 

It's mind liberating. So drop your fears, jump into the pot, do something new!! 

All you have to do is try and you are hooked for life 

giant cupcake cake, pink

I found this cupcake mold in a second hand shop. It was brand new, never used. 
Obviously I jumped at it like it was hot bread just out of the oven.
What a fabulous opportunity to make something new!! 

Chocolate biscuit cake with peanut butter and white chocolate center

giant cupcake, pink

giant cupcake cake from above

giant pink cupcake cake

sliced in half giant cupcake cake made of chocolate and biscuits and peanut butter

giant cupcake, sliced

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