5 Grains Brown

Recently I made up a new healthy bread recipe, it's been a while since I went creative in the kitchen.
This one turned out to be a real winner and we make it every day now at Enjoy.
I called it the 5 Grains Brown, it is made with chia seeds, cracked wheat, barley, 3 types of quinoa (red, white and black) and rolled oats for topping. And least but not last, a pinch of Caraway seeds for a hint of gorgeous aroma...
Mmm, I know you wish you could have some right now 😍😃
Healthy bread, 5 Grains brown

Log cakes fun

Lately, I started making these pretties  

What do you think? Perfect  with afternoon tea or coffee aren't they? ;-)

Summer fruits

cake with fresh fruit on top

Coffee and caramel 

coffee and caramel cake

Banana and blueberry

banana and blueberry cake