Canapes are fun

Making canapes is fun but hard and delicate work. And most of all quite time consuming.  But the results are always outstanding and so tasty!! Yum, Yum

Time to eat Fruit

It is time for all of us to think seriously and add some fruit to our diets. It is time to eat fruit!!

5 Grains Brown

Recently I made up a new healthy bread recipe, it's been a while since I went creative in the kitchen.
This one turned out to be a real winner and we make it every day now at Enjoy.
I called it the 5 Grains Brown, it is made with chia seeds, cracked wheat, barley, 3 types of quinoa (red, white and black) and rolled oats for topping. And least but not last, a pinch of Caraway seeds for a hint of gorgeous aroma...
Mmm, I know you wish you could have some right now 😍😃

Log cakes fun

Lately, I started making these pretties   What do you think? Perfect  with afternoon tea or coffee aren't they? ;-)

Summer fruits
Coffee and caramel 
Banana and blueberry

Just a few baguettes

Sometimes I miss making baguettes.  So last Saturday I made a few sourdough baguettes for the shop and they were gone before you know it.

Behind the scenes @ The White Gables Bake Off

For those who don't know who I am well, I am the head baker at the WHITE GABLES ;) I am also good at a few other things than baking cakes and breads like writing and taking photos for example. 
This is my behind the scenes account of the well advertised and anticipated event on the 29th of May 2016 at Enjoy From White Gables in Moycullen, Co Galway, Ireland I did not take direct part in the Bake Off as was originally planned (being a judge) but they managed to squeeze me into the advertising material against my better judgement ;) Usually I avoid being in photos, I am more into taking the photos myself. 
Here are the fabulous shots taken by Martina Regan Photography and cunningly organised and distributed by Lisa Regan Public Relations. The photos dominated all the papers during May for weeks!! People kept saying to me "I saw you in the papers, you are famous!!" Thanks, Martina :) Thanks Lisa!!! This is me with my co-coworkers Cathal, Sandra and Lenka
We had some really…